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About Us

At AppLogiQ, we're not just building software; we're architecting the digital future, one visionary project at a time. With each project, we weave excellence into the fabric of our work, tailoring our approach to the unique needs of both burgeoning startups and established giants.

Our Mission

At AppLogiQ, our mission is to empower every innovator with robust, scalable software solutions that transform visions into reality. As digital architects, we aim to unite clients' greatest challenges with innovative solutions for a transformative digital future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the cornerstone of technological evolution, nurturing an ecosystem where efficiency and creativity flourish—envisioning a world where our software development contributions propel businesses and communities into a new era of digital excellence.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is rooted in relentless innovation, customer-centric design, and agile execution. We integrate these factors to develop agile software and anticipate future needs. Investing in talent and technology keeps our clients ahead.


The backbone of AppLogiQ is our leadership team, a group of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience and a shared passion for excellence. Our management ethos centers on empowerment, accountability, and continual improvement of team members.

Our Services

Our Wide Range Of Services

At the core of every thriving enterprise is a robust application. Our application development services are customized to suit your distinct needs. We breathe life into your concepts by crafting bespoke web and mobile applications, fostering innovation, optimizing processes, and captivating your audience.

Application Services
Application Services

Enhance your business efficiency with AppLogiQ's tailored application services, ensuring seamless functionality and user-centric experiences for your unique needs.

Web Development

Mobile Development

Saas Development

EHR Development

HRMS Development

Blockchain Services
Blockchain Services

Dive into the future of secure and transparent transactions with AppLogiQ's blockchain expertise, offering decentralized solutions for industries seeking trust and reliability.

DeFi Development

DApps Development

NFT Development

NFT Marketplace

IPFS Development

Smart Contract

Game Development Services
Game Development Services

Immerse your audience in captivating digital experiences; AppLogiQ's crafts innovative and entertaining games, combining creativity with cutting-edge technology.

Unity 3D


Unreal Engine

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Casual Games


Transform your data into actionable insights with AppLogiQ's AI and ML solutions, empowering your business to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the evolving technological landscape.

Text To Speech

Business Intelligence

Natural Language Processing

Data Analytics Services

Sentimental Analysis

Alexa Skills Development

Infrastructure and Cloud Services
Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Scale your operations effortlessly with AppLogiQ's Infrastructure and Cloud Services, ensuring a robust and flexible foundation for your digital ventures.

AWS Cloud

GCP Cloud


Oracle Cloud

Testing Services
Testing Services

Ensure the quality and reliability of your applications through AppLogiQ's comprehensive testing services, guaranteeing a seamless user experience and optimal performance.

Manual Testing

API Testing

Performance Testing

Automation Testing

Security Testing

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Uncover valuable insights from your data with AppLogiQ's data analytics services, leveraging advanced tools to drive strategic decisions and business growth.

Core Data Management

Data Modernisation

Value Realisation

Design Services
Design Services

At AppLogiQ, our Experience Design Services go beyond aesthetics we prioritize the user. We specialize in crafting seamless, and visually captivating digital experiences.

UI Design Services

User Experience (UX) Design Services

Creative Design Services

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services

Elevate your online presence with AppLogiQ's comprehensive digital marketing solutions, driving growth and engagement for your business.

SEO Services

SMM Services

SEM Services

PPC Services

Influencer Marketing Services

Animation Services

Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions

Empower your organization with AppLogiQ's cutting-edge enterprise solutions, optimizing processes and fostering innovation for sustained business success.

Oracle Services

SAP Services

Salesforce Services


At the heart of every successful business lies a powerful application. Our application development services are tailored to your unique requirements. We bring your ideas to life by creating custom web and mobile applications that drive innovation, streamline processes, and engage your audience.

We conceptualize, create, and execute your technological solutions

At AppLogiQ, we provide an all-encompassing range of application services crafted to empower your organization with state-of-the-art solutions. Whether your focus is on the development, enhancement, or maintenance of applications, our experienced team is here to guide you through each stage of the process.



Our Commitment to Industry Excellence



Transforming healthcare with digital solutions. Improving patient care and medical management through advanced software.



Immerse players in captivating digital realms with AppLogiQ's game development expertise, pushing the boundaries of entertainment.


Retail & E-commerce

Revolutionizing retail and e-commerce with innovative software. Enhancing customer engagement and inventory management.


Energy, Resources, and Utilities

Advancing energy, resources, and utilities with technology. Streamlining operations and sustainability with intelligent software solutions.


Fitness and wellness

Energize your fitness and lifestyle endeavors with AppLogiQ's technological support, promoting wellness and enhancing UX in this dynamic industry.


Sports Industry

Elevate sporting experiences with our innovative solutions, connecting fans, athletes, and organizations in the dynamic world of sports.


BFI (Banking Finance Insurance)

Navigate the financial landscape with confidence using our tailored solutions, with secure and efficient financial services in the banking sector.



Revolutionize learning experiences with AppLogiQ's technology solutions, enhancing educational platforms for a brighter future.


Food and Beverage

Elevate your culinary business with AppLogiQ's digital innovations, optimizing processes and engaging customers.



Support your noble cause with our technology expertise, enhancing the impact and reach of non-profit organizations for positive social change.

Case Studies
Transforming digital problems with innovative solutions

Our Challenges

Paving the Way for Success

Challenge 1
Identify it
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
The Way Forward

Identify it

In the realm of IT services, AppLogiQ has encountered significant challenges that put our capabilities to the test. One notable hurdle, although not explicitly outlined here, has had a profound impact on our operations, goals, or objectives. This challenge prompted us to think innovatively, adapt swiftly, and formulate new strategies.


Despite the daunting nature of challenges, at AppLogiQ, we perceive them as opportunities for growth. Each obstacle we've confronted has served as a catalyst for learning, adaptation, and the fortification of our organization. We firmly believe that by addressing these challenges head-on, we position ourselves not only to better serve our clients but also to innovate our solutions, consistently delivering positive results.

The Way Forward

As we chart our course into the future, AppLogiQ remains steadfast in our commitment to transparency and progress. Challenges, for us, do not define our identity, but rather, our responses to them shape our narrative. We eagerly anticipate the future, confident that our dedication to overcoming obstacles will propel us to even greater success.

Join Us on Our Journey

If you share our dedication to conquering challenges and devising solutions in the dynamic IT landscape, we extend an invitation for you to join AppLogiQ on our journey. Reach out to us today to explore collaborative opportunities and witness firsthand how we transform challenges into stepping stones for success.


What our clients say

We design, develop and implement your technology

At AppLogiQ, we offer a comprehensive suite of application services designed to empower your organization with cutting-edge solutions. Whether you're looking to develop, enhance, or maintain applications, our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way.